There are a number of sources of financial aid for students participating in internships abroad, including school sponsored and independently sponsored. We have listed a few independent scholarships and grants that are mostly based on you being enrolled as a full-time student at a U.S. college or university. We encourage you to talk with your academic advisor and professors as many schools offer special scholarships and financial aid for study abroad and internships.

Check out the details, requirements, and deadlines of each scholarship or grant by going directly to their website:

  1. Gilman Scholarships – based both on current financial aid as well as where you are studying.

  2. Freeman-Asia Grant – based on financial need and specifically for students studying in East and Southeast Asia.

  3. Volunteer Abroad Scholarship - $500 scholarship awarded to those who creatively and enthusiastically communicate their desire to volunteer abroad.

  4. NAFSA has a list of study abroad / internship abroad scholarships available to a variety of populations through their Study Abroad Scholarships and Grants List.