The purpose of stewardship business is to create customers, profits, jobs and community development which lead to holistic transformation in the world. 

Many ask "If I desire to pursue stewardship business, where do I begin?". While there are many steps to the process, the following are foundational first steps to equip yourself for creating stewardship business. These steps are not necessarily in order, as many of them can and should be done simultaneously. Each of these steps should be started and accomplished with a Kingdom mindset and missional attitude in order to unleash a holistic entrepreneurial mindset. 

1. pray, pray, pray

As you pray, learn and begin to embrace the cost of doing stewardship business, you should continue to pray about what part God has for you in this life-long pursuit. 

2. get training and experience

Before you can make a wise decision about pursuing stewardship business long-term, you need to have both training and experience. 

3. learn language & culture 

Before you can start a business that is culturally sensitive and fruitful for the people it serves, you must understand the local work ethic, culture, worldview, family structure and language by living in the country you are serving. 

4. Network with entrepreneurs

While getting training and experience, you should begin networking with like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs in the country you are serving. 

5. find trustworthy legal information

Before you can build a stewardship business, you must first understand the legal requirements and restraints for starting a business. 

6. identify local experts in your industry

Once you have decided which industry your business will be in, then you should be actively pursuing local experts in the city, country and region you are targeting.

7. find a mentor and build a team

Before you make a decision to build a stewardship business, you must have both strong accountability and community. 

8. Develop a business plan

After you have been trained, gained some experience and have completed thorough market research, then begin to develop an accurate and usable business plan. 

9. discover sources of financial capital

Potential investors in your company are all around you, but the key is discovering who they are and how to cultivate an opportunity for them to invest in your business vision.

10. have a long-term perspective

Continuing to learn and remain flexible is critical to the foundation of your business being fruitful. 

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