Hear from Hatley Hambrice, founder of Growing Entrepreneurs International (GEI), about his thoughts and experiences of entrepreneurship, stewardship business, and more!


What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is more than just creating new businesses, new opportunities, and new solutions. Or is entrepreneurship about something more? Hear what the Founder defines entrepreneurship as!

Can Entrepreneurship be learned?

Entrepreneurship can, in fact, be learned and therefore can be taught. Listen from Hatley Hambrice and how entrepreneurship can be learned and taught in Southeast Asia.

Entrepreneurship in the emerging world

A personal example of how entrepreneurship can really impact the emerging world, specifically in Thailand.

economic Freedom

Economic freedom. Free market enterprise. How does this impact people all over the world?

god’s heart for business

How can we co-create with God?

Design thinking

Harvard Business Review about gaining creative confidence.

what is grit?

Learn about GRIT, the passion and perseverance for long-term goals.

key to human flourishing

Learn about what human flourishing is and how we can use entrepreneurship to unleash it in the world.

What is poverty?

What is the root of poverty? Is it not having sufficient financial resources? Or is it something much deeper than that?

Stay tuned for the following topics:

what is stewardship business?

startup capital