Photo by kailesh400/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by kailesh400/iStock / Getty Images

Have you ever heard of how an elephant is leashed? 

Elephant owners in Asia have historically used a small rope, tied it to a wooden post in the ground and attached it to the hind leg of an elephant. One jerk from the elephant and the rope would snap, right? Yet what is it that keeps a full grown elephant from even trying to get free? 

The answer has little to do with the physical rope and stake in the ground, but it has everything to do with the invisible belief that regardless of how hard the elephant tries, they will never be free. 

We as humanity have also been held captive and leashed by the lie that God does not care about the physical and material world. We've been taught for generations that the physical world is sinful, the spiritual world is righteous and that there is a divide between what is sacred and secular. But here is the biblical truth -- God created all things both physical and spiritual and when He created it, He pronounced it all good. The story of the Bible begins with God at work creating the physical world and specifically creating humanity in His image. In the biblical story of creation God models for mankind and gives us the cultural mandate to be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and to take responsibility for stewarding the earth. Our creator, God, has given us the abilities and the mandate to unleash our entrepreneurial mindset in the world.